motivational speaking

Guest posing & Posing coach

D'Shawn is a published fitness model, appearing in publications and websites.

D'Shawn has spoken To the US Military Troops at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. As well as many Schools, Rallies, Outreach Programs, and Detention Centers. With his message of never giving up or surrendering and to go after your goals no matter what, he is a sought out speaker. Contact us for more information and rates.



His love for bodybuilding and charismatic showmanship have won him several bodybuilding titles including NPC Virginia/DC and NPC Lenda Murray. D'Shawn brings his enthusiasm into all his own posing and when training upcoming competitors for events and competitions.

D'Shawn has been a featured extra in Evan Almighty and has a feature along with his son in the Independent Film "Closet Space". D'shawn recently played "Sweaty Eddie" for the Gloucester Courthouse Players in the musical Sister Act.